On February 20, the Santiam Food Alliance will hold Seedy Tuesday at the Lebanon
Public Library. This free program and gardeners’ networking event will begin at 6:30

The evening will begin with presentations on starting seeds. Trudie Bason, of Timeless Gardens Nursery, will demonstrate how to start seeds in flats or pots. Betty Goergen, an Oregon State Extension Master Gardener, will offer tips on starting seeds directly in the ground.

A seed swap will begin about 7:30. Gardeners with seeds or other plant materials to
share will lay them out on tables. Vegetable seeds will be the main emphasis, but
gardeners are welcome to bring flower seeds and other kinds, and even well-wrapped tubers and growing plants. The seeds don’t have to be homegrown; they can be extras from commercial packets. All seeds should be identified by species and variety and the year of harvest, if possible.

Novice gardeners and others with no seeds to share are welcome to come and collect
seeds anyway. Anyone planning to take home seeds should bring envelopes, tape, and a pen for labeling the envelopes.

During the swap, Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Master Gardeners and
members of the Lebanon Garden Club will be on hand to answer questions about
planting and saving seeds and other gardening matters. There will be a swap table for seed and plant catalogs as well.


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